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If you are intending on taking a trip away from home for more than a day, and you have a dog that you care for, finding a dog walker or dog sitter is likely to be a concern. Instead of hiring someone to come to your home, contact North Hills Animal Hospital in Sherwood, AR, to speak to our veterinarians about our boarding services.


Our Veterinarians Are Available For Emergencies

One of the aspects that pet boarding services provide is the presence of a veterinarian on-site or via phone to tend to pets when emergencies arise. This is extremely beneficial for those who have pets with medical conditions. Your dog will be monitored throughout his or her stay and if a medical problem develops, our veterinarians can provide treatment without delay. Our veterinary staff is also on-hand to provide your pet with medication according to your specifications if it is needed.

Dietary Needs Are Followed According To Your Direction

If you have a pet that requires a special diet, our staff will make sure it is followed according to your instructions. Simply bring the food to our animal hospital with your dog on the day that boarding is to begin. It will be used throughout your pet’s stay. Our staff will monitor the portioning according to your directions.

Time To Socialize With Other Dogs If Desired

If your dog enjoys spending time with other dogs, it will certainly enjoy our boarding facility. We have set times for dogs to run around outdoors with each other, allowing them to exercise and engage in socialization. If your pet is not into the social scene, and you would rather have your pet separated from the others, our staff members make it a priority to spend plenty of time with the pet so it still has plenty of attention during your pet’s stay.

Comfortable Areas To Rest And Play

Your dog will be kept in a spacious area during his or her stay. If you feel your pet would enjoy having some toys or bedding materials that are used at home, bring them along with you when you drop your dog off for the boarding session. We make sure each pet in our care is provided with attention and that they are comfortable throughout their stay.

Pet Boarding in Sherwood, AR

If you are interested in learning more about our dog boarding services, contact North Hills Animal Hospital to speak to our staff members. Call us today at (501) 835-3577.