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Boarding & Bathing

Boarding and bathing are important considerations for pet owners. For the convenience of our patients, North Hills Animal Hospital, serving Sherwood, AZ, now offers boarding and bathing services for your furry family members. Keep reading to learn more about these services.


Boarding Your Pet

Although you love being with your pet, there are times when you must be away from your pet. During these times, boarding your pet can be a great option. Our facility offers comfortable boarding accommodations which will keep your pet both comfortable and entertained while you are way.

Before boarding your pet with us, please take time to review our boarding policies. These policies are in place to ensure that all pets and staff members are kept safe during your animal’s stay.

If you have any questions about your pet’s care while boarding, we are always available to chat. We can answer questions about feeding schedules, medications, exercise, and security.

If you have never boarded your animal before, be sure to talk with our staff, Dr. Scott Campbell and Dr. Ashley Mounts, about what to expect. Your pet may seem nervous or anxious at first. This is because this is an entirely new experience for your pet. Once your pet settles in, he will enjoy his time boarding with us.  

Bathing Services

In addition to boarding, we also over bathing services. Some pet owners feel conflicted over whether they should take care of grooming at home, or enlist the help of professionals. There are many positive benefits to having your pets bathed professionally.

Our professional staff will be able to bath your pet more thoroughly thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. Our facility provides adequate room for washing and grooming. Most homes do not have the same space and equipment. Dr. Scott Campbell and Dr. Ashley Mounts both recommend that thorough pet grooming is essential to your animal’s long-term health.

In addition to providing a more thorough washing, it is also more convenient to your schedule to have your pet groomed with us. Your time is valuable, and properly grooming a pet at home, especially larger pets, can take a lot of time and clean up. Let us take care of this chore for you, so you can spend more quality time with your family and pets.

If you would like to learn more about our boarding and bathing services, please contact us at North Hills Animal Hospital, serving Sherwood, AZ, today. Our number is 501-835-3577.