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Grooming FAQs

One important part of caring for your cat or dog is providing it with routine grooming care. If you are unable to perform the tasks needed on your own, hiring a dog groomer is an excellent option. Contact our team at North Hills Animal Hospital if your cat or dog requires a pet nail trim, bathing, exam, or other veterinary procedures. We have gathered some frequently asked questions to help you understand why grooming is important, what it entails, and what happens when you make an appointment at our animal hospital in Sherwood, AR.


Why Is Grooming My Pet Important?

If you do not groom your pet, it will be more at risk of contracting an illness from excessive debris buildup in its fur. If your pet licks this debris, sickness may follow. A pet nail trim is necessary every few weeks to keep your pet's nails or claws from becoming snagged in the carpeting or on certain objects. Pets also need frequent cleanings around the eyes and nose, and inside the ears to keep the mucus and ear wax from building up.

What Does Grooming Entail?

Pet grooming has many steps. Bathing your pet removes debris from the fur and leaves your pet looking attractive. Combing or brushing your dog or cat afterward removes snarls from the fur and helps to keep it from becoming matted. Combing with an appropriate pet comb also removes fleas, larvae, and eggs from your pet's body.

Grooming requires nail trimming and cleaning of the eyes, ears, and nose. Dental cleaning is also a part of routine grooming sessions. This is done by checking your pet's teeth for tartar build-up and your pet's gums for inflammation. Many serious medical issues start as an issue in the mouth. Dental care is vital to keeping your pet happy and healthy.

What Happens When You Bring Your Pet To See Our Vets?

When you make an appointment to have a cat or dog groomer tend to your pet’s needs at our facility, you can be assured that your pet is in good hands. Before the grooming takes place, your pet receives a brief examination checking for nail damage or hurt paw pads. After the exam, our staff handles the pet bathing, grooming, dental check-up, and a nail trim to keep your dog or cat looking their absolute best.

Pet Grooming in Sherwood, AR

If you need a pet grooming session, contact our team at North Hills Animal Hospital to make an appointment. Pet grooming is just one of the many veterinary services that we provide. Call us today at 501-835-3577 to learn more.