The Benefit of Radiology at North Hills Animal Hospital

When someone is looking for an animal hospital to take care of their furry friend, there are several factors that they need to consider. One of the most often overlooked factors is the ability of that hospital to perform radiology procedures that might be essential for the health of their loved ones. The team at North Hills Animal Hospital is here to ensure every animal that comes through the door has access to high-quality healthcare. Dr. Scott Campbell - Dr. Ashley Mounts - Sherwood is here to treat every animal with love and compassion.


Types of Radiology Scans

When someone brings their pet to the hospital, it is important to first evaluate the chief complaint. After taking a history of the problem and performing a physical exam, the doctor might recommend a variety of radiology scans. Some of the examples include:

X-Ray: This is the most basic type of radiology scan. An x-ray uses a small beam of radiation to produce an image based on the density of the material through which it passes. X-ray scans are great at picking up broken bones. They can also diagnose issues such as pneumonia. They do not produce a highly detailed image; however, they are quick and inexpensive.

CT Scan: A CT scan is essentially an x-ray in three dimensions. As a result, the image that it produces is far more detailed. This can be useful to diagnose broken bones but also problems such as abscesses or kidney stones. On the other hand, a CT scan does require more radiation to produce its image.

MRI Scan: An MRI scan is perhaps the most detailed image that a radiology department can produce. In contrast to the other scans on this list, an MRI scan does not require any radiation to produce its picture. Instead, it uses powerful magnets to generate its image. Magnets make the MRI safer, but any animal with metal in its body cannot have an MRI scan done. It might pull the metal right out of the animal's body.

These are only a few of the most common images that a radiology department might use. These images play an essential role in diagnosing the medical problem.

Trust the Team at the North Hills Animal Hospital

Dr. Scott Campbell and Dr. Ashley Mounts are here to help everyone in the Sherwood area with their pet health needs. AR - Radiology is an important part of making sure that any health issues are uncovered. To learn more about the services we provide, please call us today to schedule an appointment. We are here to help you and your family.