Behavioral Counseling

The Benefits of Behavioral Counseling in Pets from 

North Hills Animal Hospital

There has been an increased amount of attention paid to mental health issues. This has led to the disappearance of the stigma that once surrounded mental health problems. While this is great, behavioral issues can also be a problem in pets. It is important for everyone in the North Hills area to note some of the most common signs and symptoms of behavioral health issues. We at the North Hills Animal Hospital are proud to have a strong behavioral health team that can provide appropriate treatment to pets who might have behavioral health problems.


The Common Signs of Behavioral Issues

If a pet is struggling with behavior problems, there are a few common signs that pet owners might notice. First, pets might not want to be touched. While many dogs and cats enjoy interacting with people, these pets might be shy. In addition, these pets might also become aggressive around other animals. Even if that animal is friendly, the pet may shy away or attack out of fear. Finally, pets with behavior problems might shed excessively, refuse to eat, or be hard to find. These are all some of the common signs that a pet has behavioral problems.

Reasons Why a Pet Might Have a Behavioral Issue

There are a few common reasons why a pet might develop behavioral health issues. First, that pet might have been abused in the past. Abuse is common among animals and, like people, can leave animals with scars that might last for life. This abuse may have happened at the hands of a prior owner or that pet might have struggled during its time out in the wild. Next, a pet might not have interacted with other people or animals before. Perhaps that pet was sheltered for its entire life and is now being exposed to a new place, suddenly. Finally, some pets simply haven't been trained. We can help with this problem also.

Rely on the Team from North Hills Animal Hospital

It is important for pets who might have behavior issues to get the treatment they deserve. At the North Hills Animal Hospital, we are proud to have a strong behavioral health team. Dr. Scott Campbell and Dr. Ashley Mounts have received extensive training when it comes to taking care of animals with behavioral needs. Most of our staff members, from our Practice Manager, technicians and receptionists are Fear Free Certified. We are here to ensure that all pets are treated with the care and compassion that they deserve. to learn more about how we can help you and your pet, reach out to our office today at (501) 835-3577, to make an appointment with our team.