Pet Boarding FAQs

North Hills Animal Hospital in Sherwood has first-class boarding facilities for your pet, so you don't have to worry about leaving your pet behind. Visit us in person to see for yourself if your pet will be in good hands. Here are some questions we frequently get about boarding pets.

Pet Boarding FAQs

How Do I Know My Pet Will Be Safe?

Take a tour of our facility to learn about our security measures for your pets' safety. Also, you can learn about our staff-to-pet ratio to understand our level of care.

What Type of Animals Do You Accept?

We accept traditional pets, but not wild animals that have been domesticated. All pets must be vaccinated and have had a negative fecal exam within the last six months.

What Kind of Activities Will My Pet Be Able to Do?

Depending on your pet's needs, we offer a variety of activities, such as walks, playtime in our fenced-in yards, or swimming pools for dogs who enjoy the water.

What Should I Bring for My Pet?

The pet foods, treats, and medications your pet is used to taking should be sufficient. A favorite toy or blanket can also provide some comfort. If your pet needs any additional medication, our veterinarian will contact you.

What Are the Costs Associated With Pet Boarding?

Pet boarding costs vary depending on the facility, length of stay, and services provided.

Can I Board More Than One Pet at a Time?

At our boarding facility, you can board more than one pet at a time. However, please let us know in advance how many pets you need to house with us.

Are There Any Discounts for Long-Term Boarding?

If you are entrusting us with the care of your pet for an extended period, we offer a discount for all stays longer than 30 days. We will apply your discount when you drop off your pet.

What if My Pet Gets Sick While It Is Boarded?

Upon discussing any health challenges your pet is facing with our veterinarian by phone or email, and what medical attention it requires, we will provide all of the necessary assistance to keep your pet healthy.

Our Pet Boarding Facility Is Your Pet’s Home Away From Home

When you are unable to take your pet with you on vacation or have to go out of town for work, boarding can be the perfect solution. Contact North Hills Animal Hospital in Sherwood to see our facility in advance, pack enough food and supplies, and let us know if your pet has any special requests. Call our team today at (501) 835-3577 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.