Pet Dental Care

Pets Need Quality Dental Care

Humans are bad enough with our own teeth that we often lose at least some of them before we reach old age. Your pets can also lose teeth due to a variety of dental issues that commonly afflict dogs, cats, and other popular pets. Veterinary dental care can help to preserve your beloved pet’s dental health and enable your pet to lead a normal life for years to come. Dr. Scott Campbell and Dr. Ashley Mounts at North Hills Animal Hospital in Sherwood, AR, can perform a full range of pet dental care services with a state-of-the-art veterinary facility, the latest diagnostic, and medical tools, and many years of experience.


Why Pet Dental Care Matters

Your beloved pet can suffer dental injuries in many ways. Just like humans, they can bite down on something hard that breaks a tooth. They can develop gum disease, plaque build-up, periodontal disease, and other afflictions that degrade the teeth and gums and lead to medical problems down the road. Dogs in particular are susceptible to plaque build-up and other related dental problems. That is because dogs produce saliva that has high concentrations of alkaline that can degrade your pet’s teeth. Alkaline promotes the development of plaque and tartar that causes tooth decay and gum disease in pets. Proper veterinary dental check-ups and treatment is the best plan to keep your pet’s smile healthy.

How Pet Dental Care Works

We give your dog, cat, or other pet a full dental pet exam that helps to assess your pet’s general health and the extent of any periodontal disease, gum disease, or tooth decay. Because pets generally enjoy diets that are better for teeth than most human diets, their teeth are capable of lasting a lifetime and especially when the pet receives dental check-ups. We can clean your pet’s teeth, examine the extent of any gum disease, and begin treatments to combat any that we might find. We can also perform veterinary tooth extractions and other pet dental services when one or more of your pet’s teeth are decayed and no longer viable. We will help to preserve your pet’s dental health and enjoy a normal diet throughout your pet’s life.

Schedule a Pet Dental Care Check-up Today

If your pet is due for dental work or just has bad breath, we can help. You can use our online scheduling tool or give North Hills Animal Hospital in Sherwood a call at (501) 835-3577. We will schedule a time for you and your pet to visit with Dr. Scott Campbell, Dr. Ashley Mounts, or one of our other highly experienced veterinary staff to help ensure your pet enjoys the best possible oral health.