Pet Bathing

Pet Bathing Provided by Our Sherwood, AR, Veterinarian

We understand that not everyone has the space to put their big dog in the tub or wants to try to combat an aggressive cat's claws for a bath. That's when our Sherwood, AR, veterinarian at North Hills Animal Hospital can help.

Pet Bathing

Trust Us with Your Pet

Groomers aren't the only ones that provide pet bathing. You can take your canine or feline to your vet, whom you trust. We'll get your pet into the tub and use soap safe for skin, eyes, and coat. At the same time, we will keep your pet as calm as possible.

Why Get Your Pet Bathed?

Pet bathing can help your pet's skin and coat look shiny and healthy. We remove oil, dirt, and grime from your pet's coat during a bath. Often, these can make your pet's fur look dull.

When you bring your pet in for bathing, we can ensure they won't smell. Pet odor can make you not want to snuggle or get on your furniture, linens, and even clothing. This odor can linger on items and areas your pet frequents, making most of your home smell.

Routine Washing

Regularly getting your pet bathed can also help their health. Debris, oil, dirt, and allergens can accumulate on your pet's skin. These will irritate the skin and make your pet uncomfortable. We remove all those potential irritants during a bath, so your pet's skin is healthier.

Don’t Struggle

If you struggle to get your pet into the bath, we can help. Our veterinarian will get your pet into the tub and do all the dirty work for you. First, we take our time to encourage your pet, which makes the experience more pleasant for them. Then, we work quickly, so your pet isn't uncomfortable any longer than necessary. Plus, it's one less unpleasant task you must contend with.

Visit North Hills Animal Hospital for Pet Bathing Services

During your pet's grooming session, we can also look for conditions plaguing them and provide appropriate care, such as dermatitis, fleas, ringworm, or other unpleasant issues.

We offer grooming services at North Hills Animal Hospital, serving Sherwood, AR, and the general vicinity, to keep your pet's skin healthy and you and your pet happy. Contact us for an appointment at (501) 835-3577